The CRANE Project shares its findings through multiple methods.


Public outreach


CRANE joins with its partner, the Royal Ontario Museum, in annual International Archaeology Days (October) and Archaeology Weekends (April). Visitors can discuss research with CRANE project members, and examine artifacts, digital images and visualizations.

CRANE is also a contributing partner to the Syrian Heritage Initiative, providing data to help monitor, document, and verify damage and preservation to sites as a result of the Syrian Civil War.


Public Workshops


Several times a year, the CRANE team gathers to discuss findings, challenges and new approaches. These events are open to members of the public.


International Workshops


As the project continues, directors of selected archaeological projects based in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States will be invited to participate in a series of workshops to explore issues of archaeological data management and large-scale data integration using the CRANE computational framework.


Educational Resources


Once established, CRANE’s database will provide a convenient resource for students and teachers as well as researchers. Data can be used to create materials that present and explain ancient evidence for university, secondary and primary school students.


From the Internet, teachers and students will have access to a wide variety of textual and visual material from the ancient world, organized within a consistent and comprehensive framework.