CRANE Research Objectives   


There is a critical need in archaeological research for an information infrastructure – a database – that allows researchers to archive, access, integrate and query data from projects investigating the ancient Near East.


The CRANE Project will produce this infrastructure, guided by the following research objectives:

• Compile data from multiple archaeological research projects that

use different terminologies (the result of different naming

conventions) and integrate it in a single digital platform.

• Create protocols and analytical tools to allow broad and easy

access to this information.

• Develop a core cultural and paleoenvironmental sequence for the

Orontes Watershed.

• Based on the data gathered from archaeological and other studies,

create models and simulations of ancient social practices and

connections between people and the environment.

• Create accurate and realistic 3D visualizations of reconstructed

ancient landscapes and human activity.

• Create research opportunities and training in advanced

archaeological analysis for postsecondary students and junior


CRANE aims to achieve a deeper understanding of the early social and cultural developments in this important area of the ancient Near East and provide insight on challenges facing the region today.